05 March, 2010

Spelling: Synonym

Do you have problem with this words:


I overcome the problem this way:

S and non are the letters I can remember easily.

Syn is hard for me!

I have to convert Syn to Sin, and the sound of sin help me to remember the word.

nym is also hard for me!

I have to convert nym to nim, and the sound of nim help me to remember the word.

As "non" is the one that connect and overlap, hence

Sin + "non" + nim = Sinonim, I then convert the "i"s back to "y"s


It is a round about way, yet it works for me!

You may find your own way!

Just keep trying!

Dexterine Ho

04 March, 2010

Spelling: Egypt

Do you have problem with this word:


I remember how to spell it now:

E and t, are the two letter that I can remember as ET is a movie title that I remember.

gyp is hard for me.

I have to convert gyp to gip, and the sound of gip help me to remember the word.

With E + gip + t = Egipt, I then convert the i back to y

E +gyp + t

Egypt is now in my mind!

Dexterine Ho

03 March, 2010

How To Read a Book You Hate But Have To Finish

Finishing a terrible book may seem impossible, but there is a way to conquer the task.

This is a very practical guide and I think you will get some reading done if you follow the advice!

02 March, 2010

How To Speed Read

I attended speeding reading class some time back and the basic pricinples are very similar to the following video.

How To Speed Read

Improve your efficiency by learning how to read up to three times faster with these proven speed-reading techniques.

After learning the method, discipline and constant practice is the key to mastery of speed reading!


Dexterine Ho

01 March, 2010

Gagne's "Nine Events of Instruction"

Here is a review and simplification of Dr Robert M. Gagné's Nine Events of Instruction, which can be used to teach anything, inside or outside of a classroom. Try it with your children!

Gagné's Nine Events of Instruction

The nine events of instruction are:

1. Gaining learners attention
2. Informing learners of the objectives
3. Stimulating learner's recall of prerequisiites

4. Presenting the stimulus materials
5. Providing learning guidance
6. Eliciting the performance

7. Providing feedback
8. Assessing performance
9. Enhance retention and transfer

If you have problem applying Gagné's Nine Events of Instruction, view this video and see how a music teacher teaches C major scale this way!

Demonstration video of Gagné's Nine Events of Instruction and theory of Instructional Design. Created for: Psychology 450, Learning Inquiry Project, Harlaxton College Fall 2008

In summary, it is

T : Talk about your objective
E : Exchange knowledge
A : Aid learning (examples)
C : Check learning (tests)
H : Help fit into learner's mind

Dexterine Ho