22 June, 2010

If your cup is already full

The cup that is already full cannot have more added to it.

In order to receive the further goodto which we are entitled, we must give of that which we have.

-- Margaret Becker

When you share your learning and knowledge of the subject you "EXPERT" in, you will feel very light and fulfilling in giving what you have. In the process of doing so, your mind is able to create new room for new input.

It is good to share and enrich other! You are doing so not just to benefit your friends and others, but to enrich your mind too!

Reflecting on my library and teaching work experience, I must say that I benefited and learned a lot from those who have the big heart in sharing, and I try to mirror them in my life!

I find sharing knowledge, skills and experience a way to unload and refresh my memory on the subject matter. It is very encouraging for me to see the smile and feel the joys of colleagues and students when they hear or experience something they like to acquire!

So, do so if you feel that you cup is rather full and cannot have more added to it. Just remember that in order to receive the further good to which you are entitled, you must give of that which you already have!


Dexterine Ho