04 November, 2010

Acknowledge a mistake

It is important to acknowledge a mistake instantly, correct it, and learn from it.

That literally turns a failure into a success.

Success is on the far side of failure.

-- T.J. Watson (1874-1956)

In the process of any study or learning, it is a journey of collective "correction".

We acquire new learning when we know our mistakes in the past and unlearn it to go further and move forward.

It is not possible to acquire 100% right knowledge at any stage of our learning and study. It is always something we learn now add to our understanding of the subject domain.

Failure or have some mistakes in any learning is not a big issue. 

Have the courage and attitude to acknowledge it and correct it is what makes us different today as compare to what we were yesterday!

That attitude will turns a failure into a success as you know success is on the far side of failure.

Dexterine Ho