06 December, 2011

Think in random manner: problme solving method

When facing new problems, most people tend to view their problems the same old way and solved it with old methods.

This fixed way of problem solving will not be the best way out and it does not lead them to any new ideas.

Try taking some form of random stimulation to knock problems off their current track and think differently.

Use a dictionary and pick words in random to trigger your mind.

Use the random word to your match your problems and find a connection to the solution.

Do it in a three to five round, then ask yourself how each word can help you view your problems differently.

Words selected randomly will trigger unexpected ideas and solution in your mind, which lead to fresh associations and connection.

When you use words in random, you link your thought in random directions and enable new ideas and solution to emerge.

Hence, remember, if you are stack in your problem solving process, one of the way to un-struck it is random thought that move you out of the problems, which enable you to think out of the box.

Dictionary is just one of the convenient tool, and other things that you can create the out of box thinking perspective may carry you through the same way!