02 January, 2010

Bookmarks and blogs your learning sites

Learning online is fun, yet searching for URL from memory can be frustrating!

If you use web for quick reference and like to go back to the same site from time to time, the tip will served as a good reminder.


Use your browser’s Favorites (in Internet Explore) or Bookmarks (in Mozilla Firefox) capabilities to organize those sites and pages you want to find on the Web again.

By creating specific folders for various aspects of your study, you can get information you need very quickly.

For example, I created a “Learning tips” folder for general study tips and e-learning sites, a "Spelling” folder, and other folders such as a “School displays” folder and a “DDC” folder ... the list goes on.

It is important to go through your favorites/bookmarks at least monthly or re-organize as you need to.

To save time searching, you may move frequently used favorites/bookmarks to the top of the lists within each folder, and the most frequently used folders to the top of their hierarchy.

If the items in some of the folders is growing, it is good to create sub-folders to keep them in sub-groups. Most of us get lost if the list run beyond 10, so it is good to keep less than 10 items within each folder.

When I have too many bookmarks in my system, I started to put them in my blogs and add some annotations.

When I published it on my blogs, I can review it from time to time. As the date I collate or review the sites is recorded on the blogs, it is very easy for me to do the update. Only those sites that are still accessible will be kept and republished.

It is nice to share with other and keep my bookmarks organized at the same time.

To keep the sites manageable, I will review my blogs at least monthly and as ease of access is invaluable to me in terms of time management and reduction of frustration.

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