20 July, 2010

Difficulty and problem solving skills

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.

-- English proverb

If you do not encounter any difficulty or face any problem in your learning and study journey, you will never have problem solving skills!

The way school design learning now based less on text book teaching, but more on project work, case study or simulation of work place problem solving.

Unlike the text book teaching method, answer is not given.

As the problems and answers may be multi-facet, they, may only be explored and derived from your own research and discovery with group work and brain storming.

The learning in school, polytechnic and university nowadasy is not to make you a learned person, but gloom you to be an independent learner, yet capable communicating with others, able to find information needed, think creatively and solve problems along the way. It is to equip you and prepare you for a real life journey!

A project work is to let you finding room to "project" your thinking, your view and your ways of problem solving. There is no standard answer, and that is the reason such an assignment is being called "Project Work"


Dexterine Ho