22 July, 2010

One step at a time

One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.

-- John Wanamaker

Any subject, any study is like a mountain when you start to explore.

In exploring, it is always one baby step at one time.

We start our learning in nursury, kindergarten, primary, secondary, pre-u or junior college, polytechnic, university and then continue with post-graduate study.

No one, however intelligent, can skips most of the steps and be good in any field of study overnight!

If one is intelligent and hardworking enough, it just takes lesser in time!

Still, it is one step after another that makes one a GCE"O" level holder, GCE"A" level holder, Degree holder, Masters Degree Holder, Ph. D Holder etc...

Fast food is to fill your hunger, slow and traditional cooking is the one that makea the food taste best and more valuable in term of nutrition and health!

Evening with all the study and learning tips you have learned so far, it is still a step by step approach that makes you a good learner with strong foundation in the discipline that you like to pursue futher!

Dexterine Ho