25 March, 2009

701 e-Learning Tips

These tips are from senior managers and training professionals around the world. The free digital book is available from:


Complete book (8.2 MB PDF)

Here are some tips I extracted from the e-book:

#7: e-Learning Is Learning Is Learning

e-Learning is just a media, a small "e" in front of learning.
Thus, everything fundamental about learning applies as well.

Victoria Penacca

#139: Adapt, Don't Just Copy

Put thought into the creation of the e-Learning module. Follow instructional design principles. E-learning is NOT just a conversion of Word or PowerPoint documents. E-Learning is a different medium - adapt your content accordingly.

Ashok Malani

#219: Chunk Your Training

Keep you lessons at 30 minutes or less but if training on a new application, 60 minutes or less is best. Online recordings? 20 minutes or less.
Ginger Jones
Siemens Energy & Automation

The Complete book (8.2 mb PDF) edited by Elliot Masic and published in Summer 2004 has 141 pages and 14 chapters covering the ABC’s of getting started to global implementation strategies.

With 701 e-Learning tips analyzed and categorized in this e-book, I am sure you will find some tips useful and applicable for your study and learning!

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