11 March, 2009

MIT World : a primary source of great ideas on the web

MIT World is a free and open site that provides on demand video of significant public events at MIT.

MIT World's video index contains more than 500 videos and is a primary source of great ideas on the web. The url is:


I visited the site today and listen to:

China's Development and China-U.S. Relations
Zhou Wenzhong
February 10, 2009

It is about 1 hour and 11 mins, the downloading speed is good and the video is of high quality.

For those who do not know MIT World yet, here is what I extracted from:

About MIT World

MIT World — A Primary Source of Great Ideas on the Web

Which ideas and innovations can change the world?

MIT World answers that question by publishing key presentations by the MIT faculty and guest speakers who are shaping the future.

These free, on-demand videos, available 24/7 to viewers worldwide, reflect and extend MIT’s educational mission—to provide the best education in science, technology, and related fields—to engaged learners anytime, anywhere.

More a publication of thought leadership, and less a news site, MIT World aims to capture the pulse and excitement of the range of ideas discussed at MIT every day and share them with the world.


Characteristically, the MIT World videos are scholarly, relevant, and accessible to a wide audience.

Content may include the latest discoveries in science, engineering, architecture, humanities, technology, and management, as well as technical seminars in emerging fields and presentations that illuminate trends in society, the arts, and humanities.

MIT World commentary provides an intellectual context for the lecture and links to relevant sites.


Founded in 2001, MIT World is a project of the Office of the Vice President for Institute Affairs.
iTunes Connection

Some MIT World videos can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes U site. Visit iTunes to browse MIT's public and course lectures from MIT World and OpenCourseWare.


MIT World is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Institute Affairs at MIT. Funding for the web site redesign and technology development is provided by the Lord Foundation of Massachusetts  

Source of info:

About MIT World

To select the video, you may browse the index by tabbing the "Browse Video" tab or use the "Explore Ideas" tab to look at a word map and to decide which word to explore. The bigger the font, the higher the hits. I think it is a great ideas as I am a visual person who enjoy graphic way of representing size of database.

Here are a list of Topics available from MIT World:

International Affairs
National Security
Public Policy

Dexterine Ho

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