03 March, 2009

Tips from MindTools.com

Mind Tools' mission is "to help people around the world learn the practical skills needed to excel in their careers". Nevertheless, the tools offered are useful for all kinds of learning.

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If you are interested in "Memory Techniques"
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The tools in this section help you to improve your memory. Even if you do not have the time needed to develop this quality of memory, many of the techniques here are useful in everyday life.

For example:

* Mnemonics

* Using Your Whole Mind To Remember

* Designing Mnemonics: Imagination, Association and Location

If you find the tools too overwhelming to learn within hours or within days, you are right, the tools are useful, yet you need not learn all of them at one time.

Remember to focus on what you need at the moment, and just master one technique and apply it first.

If you have some other needs, then move on to acquire the second technique. Mastering the technique through your own application and it will be yours. If you just keep reading and never apply them, it will be forgotten and become useless.

The best rules in learning is, never learn more them three techniques in one go without any application, keep your learning time short and have some interval to keep the mind fresh when you add new learning techniques to your brain.

Other sections in MindTools are:

  • Leadership skills
  • Problems solving
  • Decision making
  • Project management
  • Practical creativity
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Stress management
  • Information skills

To view the range of tools on available, visit http://www.mindtools.com/

Dexterine Ho

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