26 March, 2009

Teaching is Learning from the other angle

If you are language learner and like to have a glimpse into the integrated Language course in higher education institute like National Institute of Education (NIE, Singapore), you may like to read the above book.

I have written one chapter and it is:

Chapter 15: Reciprocal Peer Tutoring in Digital Literacy Course
by Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

I think students learn a lot through peer interaction. Language and Digital Literacy Skills (the course that I am conducting in NIE) is something that you need to practice very often, and peer tutoring is the best as "the tutor" is always with or around you.

The rules of learning language, computer skills, and many subject knowledge are similar:

Use it, perfect it!


keep it, lose it!

If you like to read the book, it is available for rental from INNO HANDS-ON, Singapore. Email dexterine@yahoo.com or smho@pmail.ntu.edu.sg for more details.

Alternatively, you may purchase a copy from Amazon

For more details on the book, visit the
web page by the editor of the book (Dr. Michael Vallance's) at:


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