29 March, 2009


When things on your desk or in calendar or in your room start making no sense, you know it's time to do something about it.

Getting organized and start with a small task which can be done within half an hour is not as hard as procrastinating about it.

Consider it your new project and dig in 30 mins per day and within a month, you will see the result and be amazed by your work.

If you do nothing and just spare 30 mins adding more things on your desk, in your calendar or in your room, you will be equally amazed by the destruction you created with one month.

Either way work, so the choice is yours!

I think it is normal for one to move one way and reverse it from time to time, so long as you have some positive move in a year's time, your will grow the good habit of organization.

Hence you are not able to get organized with a short period, then plan it within your comfort zone. The key point is get started and accumulate the positive move everyday.

Dexterine Ho

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