22 January, 2009

Colour always help

I like to use colour makers to highlight text that I read, it helps me to look at black and white text book and recall them easily by remembering the section in various colours.

I am glad to find Dr Rick's Learning Tips that highlight the same technique:

Color those Study Skills at


"Have your children break study tasks and notes into manageable chunks using a simple system of colors. After reading and color-coding, the information will be a snap to understand, synthesize and reassemble for a report."

"Brightly colored markers are one of the simplest, yet effective ways to help you get your kids excited and focused on learning."

"Kids of all ages really benefit from the hands-on engagement and visual cues color-coding provides."

Just click the link and read on if you are interested.

Other "Learning Tips with Dr Rick" can be viewed via the archive of tips, visit: http://www.learningtips.com/default.asp?action=archives&subaction=category&report_type_id=1&station_id=

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