01 January, 2009

Time Management

Time Management

The new year is here and does life seem out of balance?

In today's fast-paced, high-pressure world, we all face challenges in our personal and professional lives in managing our time. Learners like you may face challenges of having too little time for too many learning tasks!

We may need a whole new way of looking at time and how to manage it for the New Year.

I think as a learner, one needs to view time as tangible and visual object.

It is common for one to view time as a measurable object as time come and goes as we can see the changes in clocks or watches. It is only measurable yet not tangible.

We are able to feel the changes in time yet unable to visualize it as a physical and tangible object by itself.

If you like to learn Time Manangement, start with:

Time management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dexterine Ho

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