13 January, 2009

Where is the end?

You already know that hard work pays off in the end, but where is the end?

Only with more hard work while waiting, you will see the first flickers of light at the end of a tunnel. That will make all your hard work pay off.

Upon discovery of that flickers, you will not only have a good day, but have a good life with the knowledge that you acquire through your hard work and efforts.

No one can take away what is in you and you will be able to have it forever.

You can multiple your benetfits by sharing it with others,!

Sharing your understanding of the acquired knowledge will enhance your knowledge domain and make you an expert in that field.

It is not surprising that great scholars are usually found in University and Research Centre where dissimination/sharing of knowledge or re-searching/re-learning of knowledge is enabled through institutional set-up.

Dexterine Ho

Dexterine Ho

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