16 January, 2009

Time Management Tips

Julie Morgenstern has turned her “inside out” philosophy of time management into a thriving consulting practice, here is some tips on time Management from her that may help you in your study.

Remembered that getting organized requires a lot of self-discipline, what is one thing you can do to follow through on your commitment to organize?

Select a single consistent planning tool, whether it’s digital or on paper.

When all your ideas are in one place you can prioritize everything in context, not in pieces.

What I like best is her answer to the following Question:

How about the proverbial "messy desk" ?

Actually, that person may really be well organized.
It’s not a matter of what a space looks like, but how it functions.

So bear in mind, it is what you do with your stuff that matter and not how other view it that matter to you!

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Read on and you will benefit from her tips if you apply it!


Dexterine Ho

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