30 January, 2009

Spelling Software: SpellQuizzer

If you use Google and search for "Spelling Software", you will get thousands of hit. How do you select one that is suitable? I think it is good to try those that can let you test for free for a period of time. After trying and testing, you may then make your decision to purchase.

One of such software is SpellQuizzer at

To understand how it works, you can view the demo at:


Demo 1: Creating a spelling list

Demo 2: Practicing with a spelling list

Demo 3: Sharing a spelling list with others

Demo 4: Importing a spelling list

To download free trial copy, go to:

You can use the software free for 30 days and test it up with your kids.

In general, children nowadays associate computer with fun and writing on paper with work. Most of the children are more eager to practice their spelling words using spelling software than the traditional way of writing them on paper.

As SpellQuizzer allow the recording of sentences using voice input, you may enter the spelling list with some funny audio recordings of the words in the list to make spelling task fun and amusing!

As schools in Singapore test students' spelling using hand writing method, hence even kids can spell and type the words using the software, it is necessary to test them again using the traditional way: writing on paper.

While writing words on paper, most of the kids are careless and may confuse mirror image letters like d with b, p with q etc., it is important to take note of that when you mark and check their spelling!

With the help of the software, the manual checking task is less tedious as parents only let the kids write out the words after they have learned and typed the words correctly using the software.

With the help of the software, I am sure spelling task will become less stressful for the learner and the parents in the future.

With the help of the software, I am sure learning process will be more productive for kids! Learning spelling will be more fun and interesting.

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